Why Do Businesses Need Our Service?

Our main focus is to address four main areas of concern in your business.

1) Enhance the professional image you’ve worked so hard for.
"If our location looks dirty maybe that's what our customers will think about the kind of car they'll receive."
This is what the manager of a car dealership said to us about why he felt they should have their equipment cleaned: …more…

2) Reduce sick time taken by your staff.
Did you know that according to several Human Resources web sites, the average cost for sick days taken by one employee on average …more…

3) Increase productivity of grateful employees.
People like to feel proud of what they do. If your staff feels good about their environment, it shows. They’re happier people. Did you ever offer someone a window office? Most people jump at the chance for a window. What about a clean, professional environment? If your location is dirty, just how well will your staff treat the rest of your office and how proud will they be of it? If you offer them a clean, pristine environment when your people are dealing with business contacts and sales contacts they feel good about your business.

4) Increase longevity of the equipment. “New” equipment gets treated better by your staff.
Regular cleaning will extend the life of your computer:" …more…

5) Environmental Concerns.
It is no longer acceptable to simply dispose of your dirty equipment in the landfills of your city.
There is a cost to disposing of electronic equipment in an electronic recycling depot, since the equipment must be taken to an authorized disposal centre.
Computers must be greener… more…

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