How Can I Get Started in My Own Computer Cleaning Business?

Tap into this emerging industry. Start your own version of this lucrative business.

Cleaning equipment isn't very hard to do once you've had the training. You will learn the do's and don'ts about what to do on a job. What you'll realize is that at each workstation there is a really booty of work to do. We even clean hand held calculators and cell phones.

Who cleans the photocopier... The Tooth-fairy?

Most people think their service contract covers the cleaning of their photocopiers. The reality is that these things are usually the dirtiest piece of equipment in the office. The reason: Almost everyone in the office uses the photocopier, unlike the computer systems, which are generally used by only one person. The service person usually comes out when the machine has a problem. When the service person arrives the most he or she usually cleans is the screen, or glass. The vents and buttons never get cleaned. Maybe that dirty thumb print on every copy came from the start button!

You'll be treated as a technician, not a janitor. Janitors get paid minimum wage, service technicians get four or five times more.

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