How it works...

Ok, so you have decided that you need to look at having your sensitive electronic equipment largebrushesprofessionally cleaned and disinfected, but maybe you have a few questions and concerns.

Let me explain how the process works:

Once you and our Sales Representative decide when it is a convenient time for you to have your computers and other sensitive electronic equipment cleaned and disinfected, our Dispatcher will book you in to our Cleaning Schedule. This will be confirmed with you by our Sales Representative.

A day or two before your scheduled cleaning date, we will send you a fax or email (your choice) to remind you that we will be coming to your office. Confirmation Fax

For your benefit, we have prescribed emails, which you can send to your staff to tell them that we will be coming in to clean and sanitize your equipment, along with some brief instructions. It looks something like this: Cleaning notice to staff

On Cleaning Day, our fully Certified Cleaning Technicians will arrive at your office shortly before the scheduled time to peruse your office and figure out the most time efficient and non–disruptive way they can go about their job – disturbing your staff as little as possible.

howitworksElectronic equipment is delicate therefore we pride ourselves in treating your equipment as if it were our own. We use specific tools and cleaners for this that neither generate nor conduct static electricity. We will disrupt your workplace as little as possible. The cleaning can be done during regular business hours or, if it is more convenient, we can come in during the evenings and/or weekends.

As they respectfully approach each work station, our Cleaning Technicians will ask that employee to save any work s/he is working on and subsequently shut down his/her computer. It will take our Cleaning Technicians approximately fifteen to thirty minutes (+/-) per work station to make the equipment look like new, depending #1 how many pieces there are in each workstation and #2 how dirty the equipment is.

As soon as each computer is cleaned and disinfected, our Cleaning Technician will turn it back on so it is ready for your employee to get back to work on a pristine system that is free of germs and bugs, dirt and grime.

Once all scheduled equipment has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, our Cleaning Technicians will provide you with a completed invoice for your signature, (and hopefully payment, if possible) as well as a Critique on which you can send any messages and/or comments to our Head office.

Have you ever thought about why our service is such a good investment for your company? Keeping things clean and neat is important. In a nutshell, here are some reasons you might want to book your next cleaning sooner rather than later:

Remember… we will cause very little disruption to your office if we come in during the day.

If you prefer, we can book your cleaning in the evenings or on a weekend, if that works better for you.

So give us a call at 403-259-5330, or send us an email:

Thank you for your consideration.