REDUCE THE Cost of Absenteeism

Reduce the cost of absenteeism...Many of our regular clients have noticed that most people in the office generally “feel better” after we have been in to clean and sanitize all your sensitive office equipment. There is a reason for that.

Besides making the equipment look brand new, our service also helps annihilate the “Flu Bug” from the office because we apply an AntiBacterial Treatment after we have finished cleaning.

Did you know that according to several Human Resources web sites, the average cost for sick days taken by one employee on average in 2000 was $610/employee/year? (This includes wages, fringe benefits and operating costs) That number increased to $755 in 2001 - which indicates that, should the trend continue, it is estimated at well over $1000/employee/year by this year!!

Keep in mind that this expense is an inevitable cost of doing business, when you have employees – you’re already spending it. If by cleaning and disinfecting all the sensitive equipment in your office, we can reduce that number by even 25%, you would be saving a substantial portion of the money you are already spending each year. The cost of having your equipment professionally cleaned and sanitized would be a fraction of the amount you would be saving.

For example, we received a wonderful letter from Leon’s Furniture here in Calgary some time ago. Daryl Armstrong expressed their appreciation for our service noting that they “...were finding that absences due to sickness among employees was quite high, as it seemed there were many viruses being passed around on an ongoing basis.” Since they have been getting their equipment cleaned regularly, they have ”…definitely noticed a decline in these absences as well as a better atmosphere in the workplace, due to less sickness…” . We have been cleaning their equipment every quarter. They realize they save so much money because their staff is not out sick so often. Pretty simple.

So, this is an invitation to call our office at 403-259-5330 or toll free at 1-888-308-3883 to arrange for an appointment for one of our Representatives to come and show you our service – at absolutely no obligation to you. We will clean your dirtiest keyboard for free, and if we cannot show you a substantial difference, then you and I will agree that you do not need our service. If you prefer, please fill in the form and we will contact you to set up a convenient time to show you what we can do for you.

Who knows what evil bacteria lurks behind your keyboards and telephones.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.